Monday, July 18, 2016

Galveston, TX

Hey Hey Hey!

 (Side note- This is a post that should have posted back in March.)
This past weekend (March 4) I traveled to Galveston, TX with my mom and daughter for our last cheer competition of the season!
I was looking forward to this trip for a while. When I was younger my dad brought my brother and I to Galveston every summer for years. Even though I can not picture what Galveston looked like back then I just was dying to see how things were now. I went to Galveston just for a day in 2010 and they still had a good bit of cleaning up to do from the hurricane. So here it is 2016 and let me tell you it had changed just in the six years so I can only imagine the change over the last 16-18 years.
We got a late start so we arrived around 7 PM, checked into the hotel and then went straight to Pleasure Pier. Riley knew that was something she couldn't miss! The pier was VERY pretty and lit up at night and I am sure during the day the views are gorgeous. Prices are a little high but if you ride the rides then its worth it. Friday night it was only open from 4PM-9PM and since we got there around 8PM and it is still considered off season, Riley was the only person and many of the rides. Yes I made her ride alone... I AM NOT A RIDE PERSON... AT. ALL.

We finished up at the pier right around 9PM and went back to our hotel and ordered room service for a very late dinner. Got showers and then off to bed!
Day of cheer comp is here! I woke my mom and Riley up and we ordered room service for breakfast. Thankfully Riley's report time wasn't super early so we got to take our time eating and getting ready.

The location of the cheer comp was great! The convention center has some pretty views of the beach and you could walk right across the street and feel sand in your toes! Our team came up a little short and took home 2nd Place. Just thinking back to this team when they started to what they are now makes me so proud!
One of Riley's favorite restaurants is Chili's so after the awards we headed straight there for a late lunch or should I say early dinner.... it was almost 4PM. As soon as we finished eating it was time to check out the beach! It was a great day for the beach and I was immediately wishing we were staying around another night so that we could enjoy the beach but instead we just walked on the sand and took a few pictures and got back in the car to start the journey home.
My thoughts on the hotel.
Hotel Galvez
Location: Beachfront... Ok well there is the main street between the hotel and the beach but there are no other buildings so its a clear view of the beach but still the inconvenience of having to walk across the street. 
Check In: Fabulous. Everyone single staff member was happy and there to help you.
Parking: We used valet since it was dark and honestly I couldn't really tell where their self parking was. I think it was across a side street so I feel like valet was worth the $17 a night added to the room. The valet staff was great! When we checked out I called before leaving the room for the car and it was there waiting when we walked out.
Room: Lets be honest. The rooms are SMALL. Also we needed two beds and I didn't exactly remember DOUBLE beds being so TINY! My 11 yr old and I seemed on touch of one another the whole night. The beds were comfy but since the rooms are so small I don't think two queens would fit. The bathrooms were completely remodeled EXCEPT the tub and drain. I did not like the appearance of the drain at all! Also when we laid down for bed and looked up at the pop corn ceiling you could see so many little dust bunnies! I know the hotel is very VERY old but I think they can do a little bit better!
Room Service: Ordering was a breeze and both times it arrived before the amount of time they told us, which in my book is a PLUS! With my dinner I ordered Coke and it tasted terrible. The dinner was good, not great, but good. Breakfast we all got pancakes and I thought there were excellent though my daughter hated them....
Check Out: Simple. Called the front desk as we were walking out and left the keys in the room.
I will add that after we finished eating and had set our food tray out and started getting ready for the day a housekeeper knocked on the door and before I could open it she was opening the door. She thought we had already left. This bothered me. I then almost felt rushed! Does this bother anyone else? Like what is the point of us calling the front desk for check out or stopping by the front desk for check out?

That is all for our quick trip to Galveston, TX.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favs!

I am back! Wow, so many things have happened since my last post. I probably should have wrote about the major events for my own memories but.....
So I thought a FRIDAY FAVORITES would be an awesome post to pick back up blogging! Here we are... My favorite things!
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
Sale starts July 14th for Nordstrom debit and credit cardholders & July 22nd for everyone else.
This is the best time to get some Christmas shopping DONE. I know for sure I am taking advantage of this sale. I will be checking people off of my Christmas list. If you have never shopped the sale, check it out! I do not think you will be disappointed. A lot of the GOOD stuff sells out! Last year I bought mine and my daughters winter coats for $20-35. And I am talking nice winter coats.
I plan on putting together a post closer to July 22nd of must haves. I dont want to do it to soon and things be sold out. Ya'll I am SOO EXCITED about this sale!!!!!!
Reading. My favorite books right now are Erin Hilderbrand.
I have read a couple of her books this summer and have loved them all so far. Most of her books are easy fun reads. So for some reason I have just went from one to another.
This is the one I just finished.
Lake. Lake. Lake.
I absolutely love summer lake days. Spending time with the family on the lake makes me HAPPY!

Short and sweet. And that's all folks! I can't wait to put together some things for the Nordstrom Sale!