Monday, July 18, 2016

Galveston, TX

Hey Hey Hey!

 (Side note- This is a post that should have posted back in March.)
This past weekend (March 4) I traveled to Galveston, TX with my mom and daughter for our last cheer competition of the season!
I was looking forward to this trip for a while. When I was younger my dad brought my brother and I to Galveston every summer for years. Even though I can not picture what Galveston looked like back then I just was dying to see how things were now. I went to Galveston just for a day in 2010 and they still had a good bit of cleaning up to do from the hurricane. So here it is 2016 and let me tell you it had changed just in the six years so I can only imagine the change over the last 16-18 years.
We got a late start so we arrived around 7 PM, checked into the hotel and then went straight to Pleasure Pier. Riley knew that was something she couldn't miss! The pier was VERY pretty and lit up at night and I am sure during the day the views are gorgeous. Prices are a little high but if you ride the rides then its worth it. Friday night it was only open from 4PM-9PM and since we got there around 8PM and it is still considered off season, Riley was the only person and many of the rides. Yes I made her ride alone... I AM NOT A RIDE PERSON... AT. ALL.

We finished up at the pier right around 9PM and went back to our hotel and ordered room service for a very late dinner. Got showers and then off to bed!
Day of cheer comp is here! I woke my mom and Riley up and we ordered room service for breakfast. Thankfully Riley's report time wasn't super early so we got to take our time eating and getting ready.

The location of the cheer comp was great! The convention center has some pretty views of the beach and you could walk right across the street and feel sand in your toes! Our team came up a little short and took home 2nd Place. Just thinking back to this team when they started to what they are now makes me so proud!
One of Riley's favorite restaurants is Chili's so after the awards we headed straight there for a late lunch or should I say early dinner.... it was almost 4PM. As soon as we finished eating it was time to check out the beach! It was a great day for the beach and I was immediately wishing we were staying around another night so that we could enjoy the beach but instead we just walked on the sand and took a few pictures and got back in the car to start the journey home.
My thoughts on the hotel.
Hotel Galvez
Location: Beachfront... Ok well there is the main street between the hotel and the beach but there are no other buildings so its a clear view of the beach but still the inconvenience of having to walk across the street. 
Check In: Fabulous. Everyone single staff member was happy and there to help you.
Parking: We used valet since it was dark and honestly I couldn't really tell where their self parking was. I think it was across a side street so I feel like valet was worth the $17 a night added to the room. The valet staff was great! When we checked out I called before leaving the room for the car and it was there waiting when we walked out.
Room: Lets be honest. The rooms are SMALL. Also we needed two beds and I didn't exactly remember DOUBLE beds being so TINY! My 11 yr old and I seemed on touch of one another the whole night. The beds were comfy but since the rooms are so small I don't think two queens would fit. The bathrooms were completely remodeled EXCEPT the tub and drain. I did not like the appearance of the drain at all! Also when we laid down for bed and looked up at the pop corn ceiling you could see so many little dust bunnies! I know the hotel is very VERY old but I think they can do a little bit better!
Room Service: Ordering was a breeze and both times it arrived before the amount of time they told us, which in my book is a PLUS! With my dinner I ordered Coke and it tasted terrible. The dinner was good, not great, but good. Breakfast we all got pancakes and I thought there were excellent though my daughter hated them....
Check Out: Simple. Called the front desk as we were walking out and left the keys in the room.
I will add that after we finished eating and had set our food tray out and started getting ready for the day a housekeeper knocked on the door and before I could open it she was opening the door. She thought we had already left. This bothered me. I then almost felt rushed! Does this bother anyone else? Like what is the point of us calling the front desk for check out or stopping by the front desk for check out?

That is all for our quick trip to Galveston, TX.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday Favs!

I am back! Wow, so many things have happened since my last post. I probably should have wrote about the major events for my own memories but.....
So I thought a FRIDAY FAVORITES would be an awesome post to pick back up blogging! Here we are... My favorite things!
Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!
Sale starts July 14th for Nordstrom debit and credit cardholders & July 22nd for everyone else.
This is the best time to get some Christmas shopping DONE. I know for sure I am taking advantage of this sale. I will be checking people off of my Christmas list. If you have never shopped the sale, check it out! I do not think you will be disappointed. A lot of the GOOD stuff sells out! Last year I bought mine and my daughters winter coats for $20-35. And I am talking nice winter coats.
I plan on putting together a post closer to July 22nd of must haves. I dont want to do it to soon and things be sold out. Ya'll I am SOO EXCITED about this sale!!!!!!
Reading. My favorite books right now are Erin Hilderbrand.
I have read a couple of her books this summer and have loved them all so far. Most of her books are easy fun reads. So for some reason I have just went from one to another.
This is the one I just finished.
Lake. Lake. Lake.
I absolutely love summer lake days. Spending time with the family on the lake makes me HAPPY!

Short and sweet. And that's all folks! I can't wait to put together some things for the Nordstrom Sale!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Suzie's Gotcha Day!

It all started in Jan. 2015, I wrote the breeder that my husband got our Jackson from.
I was inquiring for a puppy. A surprise. Knowing her litters were sold before the dogs were even bred. We put a deposit down on a puppy and over the next few weeks I was keeping in contact with the breeder. What I didn't know was that the breeder was sick. Long story short I am friends with the owner of one of Jackson's litter mates which was VERY close to the breeder.
A few weeks after putting our deposit down I found out that the breeder was needing to retire some momma dogs. Of course my chocolate lab loving heart just exploded and I knew I had to adopt one.

Meet Suzie Q the sweet momma dog I picked to adopt. These are the pictures that were sent to me to show her losing her hair while nursing her puppies. She had a litter of puppies sometime in Jan. I was looking forward to picking my girl up as soon as her puppies were done nursing. Due to her hair condition they decided to stop the nursing around 5 weeks and it fell during a busy week for me so the breeders husband drove Suzie up to Shreveport.

On March 16th, 2015 I GOT my Suzie Q!
She looked so bad and broke my heart. I couldn't wait to get her hair back and looking like a happy fur baby. I loaded her up and drove her to our house to meet the family. Not knowing how her and Jackson would get along, I prayed and prayed that things would go smooth. There was no way I would let things not work. She seemed scared of course I was someone new. She curled in a little ball and stayed that way all the way to our house.
I had some special toys waiting for her.

She loved this ball.

Jackson and Suzie did very well meeting. We did have issues feeding them but after a few months we were able to feed them at the same time without monitoring them staying at their bowl. Since we assumed she stayed in a kennel all the time we did crate her for about a month while we were away. I bought a camera that lets us watch the dogs through an app on our phones. This poor girl would bark and cry so loud while we were away at work. When we felt like she knew inside was home and outside was for business we would leave her for very short periods roaming with Jackson in the house. Unfortunately during her first month home we had MANY vet visits to try to figure out the uncontrollable itch and the lose of fur. During the vet visits she ended up on a steroid which makes them pant and drink lots of water and we did have to deal with an accident in house... THANKFULLY no more accidents once the medicine was completed. 
A walk down memory lane....
our 1st year with Suzie Q
First night time treat at her new home w/ her new brother!
She LOVED getting in the dog bed while we watched TV.
Having a treat and explaining that mom had to go to work. Jackson understood but Suzie was confused! She just wanted to cuddle.

First car ride together with Jackson.
I give major props to anyone that walks two dogs at once. IT AIN'T EASY!
This girl loves going for a walk.
The love dancing together.

Suzie's 1st Easter.

Look how awesome her fur looks. This was taken April 30th at a vet appt. While we did a round of steroids, I also was giving her powders from a holistic vet.
We dog sat my in-laws dog. At first I thought it was a big mistake but it ended up going great!
In May we headed to the vet to get spayed!

Headed home! Oh the cone is TERRIBLE!

This was much better than the cone.

School is out!!! Means playtime and LAKE TIME!!!

In June these two really learned how to snuggle.
I know she is a lab but... I had to get her a life jacket for the lake.

This girl enjoyed her first boat ride.

Ok mom and dad we expect a boat ride every weekend. Ok?
In June we loaded up and took the dogs on their 1st camping trip.

They loved being on the lake.

For 4th of July we headed to Arkansas for a weekend in a cabin and lots of lake fun. Also in July is when we finally figured out something more was going on with Suzie as she started itching again and making bald spots. We then decided to have an allergy test done. The results.... she's allergic to EVERYTHING... ok not everything but more than half of everything on the test.

Another road trip in July... this time down south.

All the kids liked people watching out of the hotel window.
In August we drove HOURS and HOURS to FLORIDA.

We arrived late at night.

Good morning! We like this balcony!

I got my shades and ready to be a beach bum.

After taking family pictures we hit up a pizza place that allows the dogs on the patio.

Friday, March 4, 2016

Sunglasses, Ear rings, and Fuller House....Friday FAVORITES!

I am so glad it's FRIDAY!
I'm headed to Galveston today but before I hit the road I am showing you my favorites for this week.
I'm such a sucker for things my favorite celebs share so of course when Sean & Catherine Lowe, Jade & Tanner, and some of the Vanderpump crew shared these glasses... I jumped online and ordered my hubs and I some! :-) This company Diff Eyewear will donate a pair of reading glasses to Eyes on Africa for each pair of sunglasses sold. They have many different styles to chose from!
I ordered these limited edition but have found some more super cute ones that will be mine soon.

I ordered the hubs the guys matching pair of limited edition.
I forgot to take pictures of his glasses so the one from their website will have to do. We both LOVE our glasses! Ours are limited edition so if you want the exact ones I would HURRY!
I am wearing stud ear rings on repeat. They are so easy and aren't heavy on my ears so I have just been putting studs on with every outfit. I love wearing my studs on the lake and by the pool with my swimsuits. Like to keep it somewhat casual but not have naked ears.
Linking some cute studs below.
This stuff works magic! I love how it makes my hair feel and gives it the extra volume that I definitely need. My hair is very straight and thin and doesn't hold curls very well but just with a few sprays of this Triple Sec I get exactly what I need. I will for sure be repurchasing this product. 
FULLER HOUSE! I haven't started watching yet but I plan to binge watch it this weekend!
And folks that is all I have for you today! Have a great weekend!