Friday, February 19, 2016


EEEEKKK! I love sharing my favorites!
I know I have talked about this for a couple of weeks... BUT IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS WAND! It has so many features that I have always wanted. It is definitely something to check out.

So proud of my daughter and her cheer team. This past weekend at the cheer completion they won 1st place and also GRAND CHAMPIONS! We head to nationals in Texas in a few weeks and really hope they ROCK THE MAT! I am kind of sad the season is coming to an end. But seeing those kiddos win was DEFINITELY A FAVORITE!

For Valentine's Day I was gifted this purse. I can't wait to get an outfit together and take a picture! I think I will putting it to good use on my Vegas trip.

I love really LOVE shopping, I just don't always put together cute outfits. I find a cute top or a cute bottom but I just haven't ever been great at putting all of it together. My mother-in-law told me about Stitch Fix. Quick details... you pay a styling fee and they ship you 5 pieces, you try on, keep what you want & simply put what you dislike in prepaid mailer and send it back. They give a discount if you buy all 5 pieces. (I have bought all 5 pieces the last TWO fixes) You can link your a board from your Pinterest for them to see stuff you would like to try. It really is fun!
Opening my lastest FIX.

Sorry for the terrible picture but I love the jeans & was dying for a floral print. This top is so comfy and can be dressed up or worn more casual.
I wore this white and black plaid shirt that came from my Stitch Fix in Jan.
I got some jeans in my most recent fix that are so comfy and cute. These are the same brand and look similar.
I am ordering some more to try myself! I wore them today and that didn't stretch out and also aren't stiff.


On my valentines-day-gift-guide post I shared Michael Kors watches. Well I found this super cute one on sale so I wanted to share it b/c of course MICHAEL KORS is my FAVORITE.

And that my friends are my favorites this week! I'm trying some new products right now and hoping to have an opinion on them for next week!


Friday, February 12, 2016

Hair....Sometimes I think a wig would be easier.

Hair. Hair. Hair.
I SUCK at hair. It is just something I never learned much about and now that I try to learn I still SUCK at it! I have had longer hair for a few years and recently decided to chop a good bit off. I am not completely regretting it but I am also not loving it yet. Since I cut my hair I decided to try all kinds of hair products and of course I had to have another curling wand! I have watched so many youtube videos trying to expand hair options for myself and daughter.
So my first purchase for my new hair was the Bombay Hair 5-in-1 curling wand. I have used it many times but b/c I get ready so fast before work and my face is not usually done I have not taken any pictures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the different sizes. My favorite thing is only having ONE cord. It has changed my hair and my bathroom counter! My husband has threatened to throw away my flat iron and curling iron/wand b/c he found them on hours later and also has found one melting my ball cap one time... so when I found out this has a 30 min automatic shut off I was STOKED!!
 Below is a video I found on Bombay's website.
I have heard MANY girls and hair dressers talk about the Living Proof line. Of course since I saw Jennifer Aniston on advertisements I decided I HAD to try the products. Like who doesn't want to look as good as Jennifer?  So far these are the products I've used.
I use this after I towel dry my hair when I'm planning to wear it straight. I have THIN... VERY THIN hair. Even though it is straight and doesn't do much I need help with it looking tame. Living in the south it just wants to frizz up all the time! This is a product I will probably purchase again. Below is a picture of my hair after using the styling spray. The wind was crazy this day but I think my hair stayed pretty tame.
My hair has been straightened and curled so much I felt like I just needed to restore it! I feel like it made my hair look so much healthier. I was a little worried at first b/c I have a dry dry dry scalp but oily hair and must wash every other day.  I'd say the first 3 washes I was a little more shiny than my liking but I feel like that happens often when I completely change my shampoo/conditioner. If I wanted to restore my hair more I would most definitely purchase this product.
Fun Fact: I am will be  using the Perfect Hair Day set next :-)
I am not super picky about heat protection so this may not be everyone's favorite but it works well for me. I can tell when I use it and when I don't so I feel like it is working great for me! Everyone should use some sort of heat protective spray! You will thank me in a few years!
For months I have seen people post about sea salt and beach waves... so of course when I had to run in the drug store I decided to pick up this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It doesn't break the bank and works miracles on my flat hair. I will purchase again but I'm not going to lie it makes me want to try a higher end product just to see if my hair would look even more fab!
There you have my recent hair products! I do have some more products on the way that according to reviews will end up MUST HAVES! So if things go well I will of course be sharing them on the blog next week!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mardi Gras & Cheer... That's what I've been up to!

Mardi Gras is such a huge part of Louisiana, so growing up in Louisiana going to the parades and then getting to be apart of the parade with family is just such a blessing!
The first weekend of February my husband and I rode in the Krewe of Centaur Parade. It was an absolute blast! The weather was amazing! Our parade definitely had a record number crowd! Riders on our float including my husband and myself have worked on the float for months and it was so awesome seeing it ready to roll! Below shows our float in the staging area.
This year Krewe of Centaur celebrated 25 years!!!
Our theme was Centaur's Roadtrip and we decorated the float with past themes from over the last 25 years. So glad we were apart of this special celebration! Here's to many more CENTAUR!

The day of the parade we arrive around noon. Everyone brings food and we have lunch and hang out. Then we get busy... Awards get announced and then everyone has to be dressed and by their float for the float picture and the blessing of the float.
THIS YEAR WE WON QUEEN'S CHOICE!!! That means the QUEEN picked our float as her FAVORITE!
Here is our float LT, Jim waving the flag and showing his excitement for QUEENS CHOICE! I was so thrilled we won this b/c it was my third year riding and I had never gotten to experience the float winning! HAPPY DAY!

Above are pictures from the Blessing of the floats and a picture of the float across from us getting their group pic!

Above are pictures of floats in the staging area... we are getting closer to RIDE TIME!
My sweet family!
(FIL, Me, MIL, Grandma, Aunt, Cousin, Great Aunt, Hubby)
Fun Fact: My husband's grandma is the oldest rider of the krewe!

TOAST!!! To an awesome Float LT and having a great ride!

Oh you know... Selfies with the hubby are a MUST!
Our float just about to cross the line to begin THROWING!!!!
The time we have been waiting for!

I really tried my best to take more pictures this year. I mean I was successful at taking more pictures but the quality was not the best. Above is two different spots along the parade route.
This is one of the fun things we got to see along the route. We see a TON of cute kiddos too! Watching the kids yell "Throw me something mister!" is my favorite part.
One negative about this parade would have to be that we didn't have enough throws for the crowd! We will definitely improve that for next year. Each year I think this parade grows so much and it has really been such a joy to watch the past 3 years as a member of the Krewe of Centaur. I am not sure that everyone knows how much money, time, and HARDWORK is put into EACH FLOAT! Everyone that works on these floats has a HUGE heart for Mardi Gras.
The following weekend was a BUSY one... Saturday was CHEER COMP DAY! Anyone that knows about cheer comps knows that means somewhat of a long day.

Riley's team on the mat.
Riley in the VIP corner after they performed.
Awards. They just found out they won.........
YAY! These girls and boy WORKED HARD and they ROCKED their routine.
My girl with their banner!
They competed against six other teams. The LA REBELS have many different teams for different ages and levels and actually placed 1st in every division that competed! GO REBELS!
Sunday we road in another parade but this time with Riley and her friend. It's the Krewe of Highland. The parade is during the afternoon and is really geared towards kids! They throw a variety of different throws...beads, candy, stuffed animals, swords, cups, roman noodles, hot dogs, mood pies, and so much more! Riley's friend actually threw boxes of cracker jacks and I thought that was a HIT!
Riley and her friend ready for the parade to get rolling!

Some areas of the route were stacked rows and rows deep and others weren't so much. We really love getting to ride in this parade with Riley. I can't believe Mardi Gras season is over!
I guess all I can do is prepare for next year! Which we have already started brain storming improvements for our float for the upcoming year.
Fun Fact: We get to ride on the same float for both parades!
My little family.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, Friday, Friday. IT'S FRIDAY FAVS!

It's that time again..... FRIDAY!!!! So that means I will be sharing my favs from this week!
We have had a busy week wrapping up one Mardi Gras parade, cheer practice, and loading up for another parade we will ride in this weekend. Saturday will be filled with Cheer competition and Sunday Mardi Gras parade and the SUPERBOWL!
HOLY MOLY... My first fav just arrived in the mail on Monday. I have used it twice! I am so excited about this!! I love the size of the whole kit. No more bringing 5 curling iron/wands and having all those cords. I'm usually pretty picky about how hot it gets and I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. I did use a discount code from Catherine Lowe (from the bachelor) Look her up on instagram @catherinegiudici and find the pic of her curling her hair. Not sure how long the code works but its worth a shot! Even if I would have paid full price I would still love it!!
Sisters..... The movie. Ya'll I seriously LAUGHED AND LAUGHED and laughed! I highly recommend this movie if you haven't already. I am already dying to watch it again!

Family. I absolutely love spending time with family! The float I am a rider on happens to have more than just my husband on it. So this week one of my favs is Mardi Gras and getting to spend it with my family. I am sharing a pic of all of my family that rides the same float before we loaded up.
I was given this kit a while ago and honestly forget about it. Well I recently started using it and I am starting to love the way my skin looks and feels. If you are looking for some skincare you may want to order a small kit and try it out! As of a week into it I am thinking I will be ordering soon!

I am currently working on some of my Feb. goals which included reading two books. I just started this book and I am hooked. It is really making me think about all the choices I make in my house and with my family.
That's all I have this week for FRIDAY FAVS!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Ladies looking for something to ask for? Or maybe just looking to buy yourself something?
MEN need help picking something for that special someone?
I am sharing a list of things that I think will bring a smile to anyone special!
First up, STARBUCKS... So many ladies have to have this in their life. It is something that will definitely get used. I personally do not drink anything from there but ummm their cake pops are to die for! Surprise that special someone with a gift card or maybe their favorite drink.

FLOWERS. Most every woman will smile and be happy with flowers. They aren't the way to my heart but I do really enjoy getting surprised with any flowers. I don't want them all the time though. If you feel like you person has everything or maybe you aren't wanting to spend a ton pick up some flowers and write a sweet something and I promise they will smile!
Erin Condren LifePlanner. I think everyone needs one of these. Are you a planner? Is your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife a planner? I LOVE this planner. I change my covers out for each occasion. I have enjoyed this planner more than any other planner I've owned. I have added the link so go ahead and head over there and get one ordered! Its just February so still plenty of time for it to be worth it.
Mix and Match Mama Cookbooks. I'm not the best cook nor baker but one of my favorite bloggers Shay has been working on these cookbooks and they are ready to be in your home! I love that they are hard back but small. Any woman that likes to do some cooking or baking would enjoy these for sure!


FitBit. These are really popular and this new one has a heart rate monitor. I get addicted to checking how far I have walked and how many calories burned.


All THINGS KENDRA SCOTT. Anything from Kendra Scott would be a great choice. I'm showing a few pieces I LOVE!
Michael Kors Watch. I have a few MK watches and I feel like they are my favorite pieces of jewelry. I wear them stacked with bracelets or just alone. Nordstrom has SO MANY options. Go check them out!

Gift Card for a massage or facial. Has your Valentine every had a massage or a facial? Both options would be a thumbs up! I don't know of anyone that wouldn't like either of those. Do something different, step out of that box and surprise them! Maybe you don't have a valentine.. Go treat yourself to one of these. Beware you may start a habit.

That is all for my Valentine's Day Gift Guide. I honestly could list a million things but wanted to keep it short but with a variety of options!
If you have already asked for something leave it in the comments and lets see what different things people want!