Monday, March 21, 2016

Suzie's Gotcha Day!

It all started in Jan. 2015, I wrote the breeder that my husband got our Jackson from.
I was inquiring for a puppy. A surprise. Knowing her litters were sold before the dogs were even bred. We put a deposit down on a puppy and over the next few weeks I was keeping in contact with the breeder. What I didn't know was that the breeder was sick. Long story short I am friends with the owner of one of Jackson's litter mates which was VERY close to the breeder.
A few weeks after putting our deposit down I found out that the breeder was needing to retire some momma dogs. Of course my chocolate lab loving heart just exploded and I knew I had to adopt one.

Meet Suzie Q the sweet momma dog I picked to adopt. These are the pictures that were sent to me to show her losing her hair while nursing her puppies. She had a litter of puppies sometime in Jan. I was looking forward to picking my girl up as soon as her puppies were done nursing. Due to her hair condition they decided to stop the nursing around 5 weeks and it fell during a busy week for me so the breeders husband drove Suzie up to Shreveport.

On March 16th, 2015 I GOT my Suzie Q!
She looked so bad and broke my heart. I couldn't wait to get her hair back and looking like a happy fur baby. I loaded her up and drove her to our house to meet the family. Not knowing how her and Jackson would get along, I prayed and prayed that things would go smooth. There was no way I would let things not work. She seemed scared of course I was someone new. She curled in a little ball and stayed that way all the way to our house.
I had some special toys waiting for her.

She loved this ball.

Jackson and Suzie did very well meeting. We did have issues feeding them but after a few months we were able to feed them at the same time without monitoring them staying at their bowl. Since we assumed she stayed in a kennel all the time we did crate her for about a month while we were away. I bought a camera that lets us watch the dogs through an app on our phones. This poor girl would bark and cry so loud while we were away at work. When we felt like she knew inside was home and outside was for business we would leave her for very short periods roaming with Jackson in the house. Unfortunately during her first month home we had MANY vet visits to try to figure out the uncontrollable itch and the lose of fur. During the vet visits she ended up on a steroid which makes them pant and drink lots of water and we did have to deal with an accident in house... THANKFULLY no more accidents once the medicine was completed. 
A walk down memory lane....
our 1st year with Suzie Q
First night time treat at her new home w/ her new brother!
She LOVED getting in the dog bed while we watched TV.
Having a treat and explaining that mom had to go to work. Jackson understood but Suzie was confused! She just wanted to cuddle.

First car ride together with Jackson.
I give major props to anyone that walks two dogs at once. IT AIN'T EASY!
This girl loves going for a walk.
The love dancing together.

Suzie's 1st Easter.

Look how awesome her fur looks. This was taken April 30th at a vet appt. While we did a round of steroids, I also was giving her powders from a holistic vet.
We dog sat my in-laws dog. At first I thought it was a big mistake but it ended up going great!
In May we headed to the vet to get spayed!

Headed home! Oh the cone is TERRIBLE!

This was much better than the cone.

School is out!!! Means playtime and LAKE TIME!!!

In June these two really learned how to snuggle.
I know she is a lab but... I had to get her a life jacket for the lake.

This girl enjoyed her first boat ride.

Ok mom and dad we expect a boat ride every weekend. Ok?
In June we loaded up and took the dogs on their 1st camping trip.

They loved being on the lake.

For 4th of July we headed to Arkansas for a weekend in a cabin and lots of lake fun. Also in July is when we finally figured out something more was going on with Suzie as she started itching again and making bald spots. We then decided to have an allergy test done. The results.... she's allergic to EVERYTHING... ok not everything but more than half of everything on the test.

Another road trip in July... this time down south.

All the kids liked people watching out of the hotel window.
In August we drove HOURS and HOURS to FLORIDA.

We arrived late at night.

Good morning! We like this balcony!

I got my shades and ready to be a beach bum.

After taking family pictures we hit up a pizza place that allows the dogs on the patio.

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