Monday, January 25, 2016

Being a blessing.

Zurvita. Zealforlife.
This company is such an amazing company.
Last weekend my daughter and I got to be apart of
FEED500 in Shreveport.
On Saturday morning we drove to a church where we met and packed over 500 sack lunches to pass out to people in need. Before packing these lunches Zurvita Ministries prayed for all of the volunteers and for all of the people we would come in contact with that day.

After explaining how our day would go and praying, we began packing lunches!

My bow head in the assembly line!
Each lunch was packed with juice, bag of chips, fruit snack, granola bar, sandwich, and of course a little info about God!
We packed 500 lunches and had extras so we opened more ziplocks and continued packing until we ran out. Once the lunches were packed we loaded up.
This was the BIG BUS group.

Riley and myself were on the smaller bus.

We went to three different areas to pass out lunches and met some sweet grateful people. One of the areas we went to was a senior citizen apartment complex. It was so nice to see them smile and be so thankful for a free meal brought right to their door. We received hugs, smiles, and many thanks. I know this will be a day we will remember forever.

Thank you so much to 

I encourage everyone to get involved somewhere. There are so many places that are in need of volunteers. If you need some ideas please email me and I will try to get some options for you.
- Lauren

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