Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday Favs!

Friday Favs!!!
It's FRIDAY and I am sharing some of my favorite things!!
This product has changed my life! I use it with which ever face wash I am using. I use it once a day and when I am not being lazy I will use it before bed too. I absolutely love the way it makes my face feel no matter which cleanser I use with it.

A little obsessed with this right now! I use this so many different ways & am so glad I bought it. LOVE the highlight it gives and the extra SPARKLE. becca-x-jaclyn-hill-shimmering-skin-perfector-pressed

Yes The Bachelor is ONE of my favs lately. Watching people make themselves look like fools makes me laugh! Also reading these recaps make me LAUGH! So if you watch DEFINTELY check out //pinteresttoldmeto/ Her weekly recaps are the BEST way to start your Wednesday. This season is much more interesting than farmer Chris, but I just don't think there will ever be a bachelor season as good as Sean's.

Vanderpump Rules is set to record and not going to lie sometimes I wake up extra early to watch this before work! I love love love LISA so of course I got hooked on this show.

I am slightly obsessed with chocolate labs. I have TWO! This is for all my chocolate lab lovers! These things are so comfy and were a Christmas present from my mom. They were on backorder so I just got mine a week or so ago.

This is how I keep my life together. I will not lie and say I don't still forget things but this definitely helps. Last year I used the vertical layout and this year I decided to use the horizontal. For my life, the horizontal works best. I usually write a few things a day and with the vertical planner I always seemed to run out of room. This year they have a layout with the hourly option for those that schedule appointments. I think this is a must have planner! 

I got these as a gift and love them. Fit true to size and feel amazing. 

I loved the other BOOTIE so much I had to get another pair. I picked these in black. I can't get over how tall the wedge is and how comfy they are. 

Well there you have this weeks favs! The future Friday favs post will have some outfits too! I love trying new products and seeing must have clothing, leave them in the comments!

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