Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Past Mardi Gras.

Since this week we are preparing for our 3rd year riding on a float in the Centaur parade, I thought it would be fun to post about the last two parades.
My husband and I ride on a float with my in-laws, husband's aunt, cousin, and his grandma. I grew up going to the parades and never thought I would want to be on a float. It is so much fun! Adults and kids jumping and screwing to get your attention for anything type of throw!
Our first year as riders we had to redecorate the float. Our theme was Princess and The Frog.
Here is the float.
The Saturday before we ride we get together and cook out while loading all of our throws onto the float! See pictures below.

The night before the parade we have a float loading event. It is open to the public to walk around all the floats and see them up close in personal. Some members of the Centaur krewe will give out beads or other goodies. Each float has a specialty bead designed to match their float and on the night of the float loading party you can walk around with your floats specialty bead and trade them until you have one from each float. (see pic of my daughter with all the specialty beads and with the QUEEN!)
Each parade has a grand marshal and last year we had Bill Paxton. You may recognize him from Twister, Apollo 13, Titantic, Tombstone, The Good Life, and many many more. (Pic below is Bill Paxton, My Sis-in-law, and myself)

The day of the parade we set up food and eat and hang out until its time to load up and ROLL! Which is usually a few hours.

That's me as Princess Tiana.
Some frogs dancing and happy that we are about to get moving!

 My sweet charming hubby.
The blessing of our float.

The Queen!

Prince and Princess us!

We are in line and rolling through the crowd. Our float is an old school bus.

Food in the middle in case we get hungry.

Its getting dark and the crowd is getting to be larger and larger.

I can't remember but I think this was when it was over. Now that I will be blogging this years parade I will make sure to take better pictures and more of them! As I was writing this post I realized I didn't take any pictures of other floats... so this year I will try to do better.

Mardi Gras is such a HUGE part of Louisiana! If you have never been to a parade, then you are MISSING OUT! Look forward to my post next week about this years parade. Spoiler alert: We are now a DOUBLE DECKER float and Ill be wearing a cop hop outfit!
If you have ever been to a parade leave a comment and tell me where the parade was and if you have a great time!

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