Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Feburary Failed Goals & Simple March Goals.

Today I'm sharing how well terrible I did on my February goals...and of course sharing my March goals.
Honestly I was a failure this month. I was BUSY and I had a HORRIBLE migraine four different days and felt as if I lost a week of my life. 
1. Pray for myself and my family.
I think I had good intentions and I feel like I did saw a few extra prays but I still need to pray for myself and family way more.
2. Read two books.
DONE DONE DONE! CHECK! I accomplished this one. I read The Honest Life by Jessica Alba. This book was a good quick read. Although it did make me do some research and think I should change a few things in my house and my daily life. If you are a GO GREEN person than this book is definitely a good read for you.
My second book was The Choice by Nicholas Sparks......... Ummmm of course it was a good book! This book made me think "what if" I had to make that choice? It wasn't my favorite book by him but it was a good one. I smiled, laughed, and even had a few tears.
I FAILED!!!!! Look I did not do a thing to my closet except pull about 5 things out to donate. It is in such bad shape I think I just keep avoiding it. I don't think I'll put this as a goal again b/c I know I will have to tackle this VERY soon as I am traveling A LOT in March and it is annoying not being able to find what I am looking for.
4. Go to CG at least 3x's a week.
Yeaaaa. I totally failed at this one too. I wanted to get in shape for all my traveling and yea that went out the window. I have not only not worked out a single time but I have been eating like a pig. Better luck in March!
5. Cook more.
I didn't exactly fail nor accomplish this one... I cooked more than I did last month but still not as much as I want. I will shoot for this goal again! 
Here I am sharing some goals again, mainly to hold myself accountable.
Going to keep this month simple.
Even though I will be traveling so much this month, I plan on cooking for my little family. Going to try some healthy stuff.
2. Read 3 books.
I am upping the number! I will be taking two road trips and also flying so this should be a piece of cake to accomplish! I am starting book one TODAY!
3. Enjoy March!
March is a super busy month this year! I have an out of town cheer competition for Riley, girl's trip, Easter, Spring break, and lastly an out of town wedding.
This month is going to be crazy busy so I hope to just enjoy it! I do plan on sharing outfits in a couple of weeks... that means the blog is going to actually get interesting! YAY!
On a side note: I hate swim suit shopping. I LOVE LOVE summer and being at the pool or beach or lake but I really hate shopping for my new suit!
P.S. I plan on doing a GIVEAWAY in MARCH!
Just wanted to share some cute stuff
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Thanks for stopping by....

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