Friday, February 19, 2016


EEEEKKK! I love sharing my favorites!
I know I have talked about this for a couple of weeks... BUT IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS WAND! It has so many features that I have always wanted. It is definitely something to check out.

So proud of my daughter and her cheer team. This past weekend at the cheer completion they won 1st place and also GRAND CHAMPIONS! We head to nationals in Texas in a few weeks and really hope they ROCK THE MAT! I am kind of sad the season is coming to an end. But seeing those kiddos win was DEFINITELY A FAVORITE!

For Valentine's Day I was gifted this purse. I can't wait to get an outfit together and take a picture! I think I will putting it to good use on my Vegas trip.

I love really LOVE shopping, I just don't always put together cute outfits. I find a cute top or a cute bottom but I just haven't ever been great at putting all of it together. My mother-in-law told me about Stitch Fix. Quick details... you pay a styling fee and they ship you 5 pieces, you try on, keep what you want & simply put what you dislike in prepaid mailer and send it back. They give a discount if you buy all 5 pieces. (I have bought all 5 pieces the last TWO fixes) You can link your a board from your Pinterest for them to see stuff you would like to try. It really is fun!
Opening my lastest FIX.

Sorry for the terrible picture but I love the jeans & was dying for a floral print. This top is so comfy and can be dressed up or worn more casual.
I wore this white and black plaid shirt that came from my Stitch Fix in Jan.
I got some jeans in my most recent fix that are so comfy and cute. These are the same brand and look similar.
I am ordering some more to try myself! I wore them today and that didn't stretch out and also aren't stiff.


On my valentines-day-gift-guide post I shared Michael Kors watches. Well I found this super cute one on sale so I wanted to share it b/c of course MICHAEL KORS is my FAVORITE.

And that my friends are my favorites this week! I'm trying some new products right now and hoping to have an opinion on them for next week!


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