Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals!

I've always made goals and lets be honest... I usually do not meet them. I always say I will try harder and set more time aside to get those goals met... and somehow I lose sight of my goals.
One of my favorite bloggers Shay Shull list her goals/to dos for all of her readers to see so I thought what a great way to hold myself accountable. If I share my goals and then the next month follow up with what goals I met then maybe, just maybe I will do a better job at meeting goals! I have so many goals each month but will start with a few a month and see how that goes.
1. Pray for myself and my family.
Honestly I don't think you can ever pray to much, with that being said I should be praying daily for my family and myself. I find myself scrolling through facebook or instagram and see people and families in need of prayer and I stop and say a quick prayer for them. At the end of the day I'm catching up on my shows, doing things around the house, or just ready for bed, and often skip out on praying for my family.
2. Read two books.
During the summer I began a reading kick. I believe I read 5 or 6 books, and it felt so good! Then life happened... School started, cheer practice started, work was busier and well reading just never happened. I feel accomplished when I complete a book. I will let you guys know what I read!
This is something I MUST DO! Fact is my closet is just too small... A few months ago I went through all my clothes, shoes, and purses, and donated everything I haven't touched in a year... okay and some things that I just don't have a clue why I purchased them. My closet is a complete disaster and needs attention ASAP. So maybe this should have been at the top of my list.
4. Go to CG at least 3x's a week.
Alright, this should be at the top of the list as well. CG stands for Camp Gladiator. They offer MANY locations and different time options all throughout the week so basically there is no reason for me to not be able to make it 3x's a week. I need to get back in shape and once or twice a week is NOT enough for this junk food lover! If you are interested in checking out CG here is where to find if there is a location near you. CAMP GLADIATOR
5. Cook more.
I know, I know... Having a goal to cook more is TERRIBLE. Let's face it, I am a picky eater and so is my daughter. We rather eat Ramen noodles and Velveeta Mac and Cheese than anything else. We both hate trying new things b/c 9 times of out 10 we dislike it. But my poor husband eats ANYTHING and I should be cooking and sitting down for dinner as a family! After thinking back to the last time I actually cooked a meal I pretty much wanted to crawl in a hole and hide. IT HAS BEEN A LONG TIME!
Ok there are my goals posted for everyone to see and so I can hold myself accountable!

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