Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide.

Valentine's Day Gift Guide
Ladies looking for something to ask for? Or maybe just looking to buy yourself something?
MEN need help picking something for that special someone?
I am sharing a list of things that I think will bring a smile to anyone special!
First up, STARBUCKS... So many ladies have to have this in their life. It is something that will definitely get used. I personally do not drink anything from there but ummm their cake pops are to die for! Surprise that special someone with a gift card or maybe their favorite drink.

FLOWERS. Most every woman will smile and be happy with flowers. They aren't the way to my heart but I do really enjoy getting surprised with any flowers. I don't want them all the time though. If you feel like you person has everything or maybe you aren't wanting to spend a ton pick up some flowers and write a sweet something and I promise they will smile!
Erin Condren LifePlanner. I think everyone needs one of these. Are you a planner? Is your girlfriend, fiancé, or wife a planner? I LOVE this planner. I change my covers out for each occasion. I have enjoyed this planner more than any other planner I've owned. I have added the link so go ahead and head over there and get one ordered! Its just February so still plenty of time for it to be worth it.
Mix and Match Mama Cookbooks. I'm not the best cook nor baker but one of my favorite bloggers Shay has been working on these cookbooks and they are ready to be in your home! I love that they are hard back but small. Any woman that likes to do some cooking or baking would enjoy these for sure!


FitBit. These are really popular and this new one has a heart rate monitor. I get addicted to checking how far I have walked and how many calories burned.


All THINGS KENDRA SCOTT. Anything from Kendra Scott would be a great choice. I'm showing a few pieces I LOVE!
Michael Kors Watch. I have a few MK watches and I feel like they are my favorite pieces of jewelry. I wear them stacked with bracelets or just alone. Nordstrom has SO MANY options. Go check them out!

Gift Card for a massage or facial. Has your Valentine every had a massage or a facial? Both options would be a thumbs up! I don't know of anyone that wouldn't like either of those. Do something different, step out of that box and surprise them! Maybe you don't have a valentine.. Go treat yourself to one of these. Beware you may start a habit.

That is all for my Valentine's Day Gift Guide. I honestly could list a million things but wanted to keep it short but with a variety of options!
If you have already asked for something leave it in the comments and lets see what different things people want!


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