Friday, February 12, 2016

Hair....Sometimes I think a wig would be easier.

Hair. Hair. Hair.
I SUCK at hair. It is just something I never learned much about and now that I try to learn I still SUCK at it! I have had longer hair for a few years and recently decided to chop a good bit off. I am not completely regretting it but I am also not loving it yet. Since I cut my hair I decided to try all kinds of hair products and of course I had to have another curling wand! I have watched so many youtube videos trying to expand hair options for myself and daughter.
So my first purchase for my new hair was the Bombay Hair 5-in-1 curling wand. I have used it many times but b/c I get ready so fast before work and my face is not usually done I have not taken any pictures. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the different sizes. My favorite thing is only having ONE cord. It has changed my hair and my bathroom counter! My husband has threatened to throw away my flat iron and curling iron/wand b/c he found them on hours later and also has found one melting my ball cap one time... so when I found out this has a 30 min automatic shut off I was STOKED!!
 Below is a video I found on Bombay's website.
I have heard MANY girls and hair dressers talk about the Living Proof line. Of course since I saw Jennifer Aniston on advertisements I decided I HAD to try the products. Like who doesn't want to look as good as Jennifer?  So far these are the products I've used.
I use this after I towel dry my hair when I'm planning to wear it straight. I have THIN... VERY THIN hair. Even though it is straight and doesn't do much I need help with it looking tame. Living in the south it just wants to frizz up all the time! This is a product I will probably purchase again. Below is a picture of my hair after using the styling spray. The wind was crazy this day but I think my hair stayed pretty tame.
My hair has been straightened and curled so much I felt like I just needed to restore it! I feel like it made my hair look so much healthier. I was a little worried at first b/c I have a dry dry dry scalp but oily hair and must wash every other day.  I'd say the first 3 washes I was a little more shiny than my liking but I feel like that happens often when I completely change my shampoo/conditioner. If I wanted to restore my hair more I would most definitely purchase this product.
Fun Fact: I am will be  using the Perfect Hair Day set next :-)
I am not super picky about heat protection so this may not be everyone's favorite but it works well for me. I can tell when I use it and when I don't so I feel like it is working great for me! Everyone should use some sort of heat protective spray! You will thank me in a few years!
For months I have seen people post about sea salt and beach waves... so of course when I had to run in the drug store I decided to pick up this. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. It doesn't break the bank and works miracles on my flat hair. I will purchase again but I'm not going to lie it makes me want to try a higher end product just to see if my hair would look even more fab!
There you have my recent hair products! I do have some more products on the way that according to reviews will end up MUST HAVES! So if things go well I will of course be sharing them on the blog next week!

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