Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday, Friday, Friday. IT'S FRIDAY FAVS!

It's that time again..... FRIDAY!!!! So that means I will be sharing my favs from this week!
We have had a busy week wrapping up one Mardi Gras parade, cheer practice, and loading up for another parade we will ride in this weekend. Saturday will be filled with Cheer competition and Sunday Mardi Gras parade and the SUPERBOWL!
HOLY MOLY... My first fav just arrived in the mail on Monday. I have used it twice! I am so excited about this!! I love the size of the whole kit. No more bringing 5 curling iron/wands and having all those cords. I'm usually pretty picky about how hot it gets and I am 100% satisfied with my purchase. I did use a discount code from Catherine Lowe (from the bachelor) Look her up on instagram @catherinegiudici and find the pic of her curling her hair. Not sure how long the code works but its worth a shot! Even if I would have paid full price I would still love it!!
Sisters..... The movie. Ya'll I seriously LAUGHED AND LAUGHED and laughed! I highly recommend this movie if you haven't already. I am already dying to watch it again!

Family. I absolutely love spending time with family! The float I am a rider on happens to have more than just my husband on it. So this week one of my favs is Mardi Gras and getting to spend it with my family. I am sharing a pic of all of my family that rides the same float before we loaded up.
I was given this kit a while ago and honestly forget about it. Well I recently started using it and I am starting to love the way my skin looks and feels. If you are looking for some skincare you may want to order a small kit and try it out! As of a week into it I am thinking I will be ordering soon!

I am currently working on some of my Feb. goals which included reading two books. I just started this book and I am hooked. It is really making me think about all the choices I make in my house and with my family.
That's all I have this week for FRIDAY FAVS!

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